About Us
Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness is a corporate program provided to you by your employer as employee benefit. Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness can help reduce your stress about finances and help improve your productivity and effectiveness at work by helping you better manage your day-to-day financial life and future. Through the relationship with your organization, you have access to:
Financial Education
Our online portal that helps you measure and improve your financial wellbeing by matching you with educational material that helps address your needs. We also provide your organization access to in-person seminars available through our Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors.
Financial Advice
We offer advice through digital channels as well as one-on-one interactions. You can choose how to pursue your financial goals from either our online investing platform or through a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.
Financial Solutions
You have access to a broad array of products and services that will help you pursue your goals including Planning for College, Starting a Family, Preparing for Retirement or Enjoying the Golden Years. CRC #2213625 (09/18)
Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness and its related products and services are only available to individuals who are domiciled in the United States.